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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in Hickory, NC

Renewal by Andersen is proud to serve Hickory and the broader Charlotte region, providing expert window replacement and patio door installation services tailored to the distinct architectural and weather-related needs of North Carolina residences.

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

Discover the superior quality of our windows, made with an innovative composite material. Appreciate the blend of expansive, energy-saving glass surfaces and refined, slender frames.

Hassle-free process.

Our team of experts guides you at every step, ensuring that your questions are answered, and your preferences are met. With a focus on efficiency and precision, we aim to transform your home with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Unmatched beauty.

Renewal by Andersen believes that every home is a reflection of its owner’s unique taste and style. That’s why we offer an extensive range of customization options for our windows and doors.

Long-term value.

Our windows and doors contribute to increased property value, reduced energy bills, and minimized maintenance costs. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve chosen a trusted brand underscores the long-term value inherent in every Renewal by Andersen installation.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

At the outset of our journey, we prioritize understanding your vision and needs. Our consultants ensure that every detail is considered, laying the foundation for a project that truly resonates with your desires.

Project Planning

This stage ensures that all elements are in place for a smooth and efficient installation process, tailored to your specific timeline and expectations. You can trust our install technicians and master craftsmen to bring your vision to life.


Execution is paramount, and our certified professionals are adept at ensuring flawless installations. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that each window and door is fitted perfectly, optimizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Customer Care

Our team remains at your service, ready to address any queries or concerns. We believe in nurturing lasting relationships, ensuring that you continue to derive joy and satisfaction from your Renewal by Andersen products for years to come.

Our Products

Renewal by Andersen®
Replacement Windows in Hickory, NC

In the picturesque setting of Hickory, with its blend of historical charm and modern living, Renewal by Andersen offers a range of replacement windows tailored to complement every home. They’re tailored to resonate with Hickory’s eclectic architectural tapestry, ensuring homes stay cozy throughout North Carolina’s diverse seasons. From historic bungalows to modern abodes in Hickory, our windows seamlessly integrate, offering both visual delight and unparalleled functionality.

Awning Windows

Discover the charm of awning windows with their top hinge and expansive lower section. Their user-friendly crank mechanism makes them perfect for spots like above counters, letting you enjoy a gentle breeze as you go about your tasks.

Bay & Bow Windows

Elevate your living space with the depth and beauty of bay and bow windows. These extending windows are formed from several panels, offering a mesmerizing architectural touch. Optimize these windows with built-in storage or seating options.

Casement Windows

Let the outdoors in with our performance-driven casement windows. Tailored to your needs, these windows come with an easy-to-use crank mechanism and ensure a snug fit when shut. Renewal by Andersen casement windows are the most energy-efficient windows we offer with expansive views.

Sliding Windows

Maximize your room’s potential with our efficient sliding windows. Perfect for areas with limited space, these glide windows move effortlessly on their tracks, ensuring you have consistent and easy access to fresh air.

Double Hung Windows

Experience the adaptability of double hung windows. This enduring design lets you adjust airflow from either the top or bottom section. Its central locking system guarantees dependable use.

Picture Windows

Illuminate your interiors with the grandeur of picture windows. These fixed windows act as a dramatic centerpiece, boosting your home’s energy performance while bathing rooms in generous sunlight.

Specialty Windows

Craft a distinctive look with our adaptable specialty windows. Select from an array of shapes and dimensions to forge a window that’s uniquely yours. Combine them with other window types for added flair and architectural interest.

Hinged & Sliding Patio Doors
from Renewal by Andersen

Transform the way you experience your home with Renewal by Andersen patio doors in Hickory. Connecting your interior living space and vibrant outdoors, these doors are both functional masterpieces and design statements. With a fluid motion, they make indoor-outdoor transitions a joy. Whether you’re soaking in a peaceful evening or entertaining guests on a balmy night, our patio doors add a touch of elegance, redefining boundaries and experiences.

Sliding Glass Patio Door

Modernize your living space with the refined design of our contemporary sliding patio door. Its minimalist aesthetics paired with effortless glide functionality offers a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living, making the most of available space. The slim frame design maximizes your view, and its space-saving slide mechanism is perfect for homes with limited exterior space, ensuring you enjoy both style and practicality.

French Sliding Patio Door

Infuse a touch of sophistication with the French sliding patio door. Personalize it further with an array of grille patterns and shade options, ensuring it mirrors the unique style of your residence. This door combines the elegance of French doors with the convenience of a sliding door, offering expansive views without compromising on style. Its sliding mechanism also ensures efficient use of space, ideal for patios or balconies.

French Hinged Patio Door

Embrace the enduring appeal of the hinged French patio door for your classic home setting. With its adaptable hinge system, you can set the door’s swing direction to your liking. This door not only offers functionality but also serves as a statement piece. The traditional swing-open design allows for maximum ventilation and easy access, making it perfect for homes that value both aesthetics and functionality. The dual door panels also provide a wider opening, facilitating the movement of larger items.

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Entry Door Installation Services in Hickory, NC

For homeowners in Hickory who value both security and style, Renewal by Andersen proudly offers ProVia entry doors. Recognized for their exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, these doors are more than just entry points; they’re statements. Each ProVia door is a testament to superior craftsmanship, ensuring that your home stands out in the Hickory neighborhood. Beyond their visual appeal, these doors are designed to withstand the test of time, offering unparalleled security and insulation, making them an ideal choice for the discerning Hickory homeowner.

Signet Fiberglass

Renewal by Andersen understands that Hickory homeowners have unique requirements, which is why we have collaborated with ProVia to bring you the remarkable Signet® Fiberglass entry doors. These front doors seamlessly combine the durability of fiberglass with the natural beauty of wood, thanks to ProVia’s innovative MasterGrain® Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technology. With additional protective compounds, these Signet® Fiberglass entry systems are designed to withstand denting, splitting, cracking, and warping, ensuring long-lasting performance. The riser, coated with a protective metallic layer, adds an extra touch of elegance to your door, making it a standout feature of your home.

Embarq Fiberglass

ProVia introduces the Embarq® Fiberglass entry doors for Hickory homeowners seeking maximum energy efficiency. Engineered to be the most energy-efficient front door style available, these doors feature a high-performance glass package that effectively insulates sidelites and windowed doors, reducing energy consumption. What sets the Embarq® Fiberglass doors apart is their 43% thicker doorframes, meticulously crafted by our skilled master craftsmen, to provide enhanced insulation and durability. By choosing Embarq® Fiberglass doors from Renewal by Andersen and ProVia, you can enjoy unparalleled energy efficiency and significant energy savings for years to come.

Heritage Fiberglass

If you own a historical home in Hickory, ProVia’s Heritage™ fiberglass series offers the perfect entry door solution. This series combines the classic elegance of hardwood with the durability of fiberglass, creating a door that replicates the authentic look of wood. The Heritage™ fiberglass series surpasses the durability and long-term performance of genuine hardwood doors while offering exceptional strength. With these doors, you can maintain the timeless charm of your historical home without compromising on durability and maintenance requirements.

Legacy Steel

For homeowners in Hickory seeking enhanced protection against storms and potential security threats, ProVia’s Legacy™ Steel entry doors stand out as a superior option. These steel doors excel in boosting energy conservation and longevity, ensuring homeowners feel safe and secure. Thanks to the integration of insulating materials, the Legacy™ Steel entry door from ProVia guarantees a tight seal, reducing any potential for energy wastage. Trust in Renewal by Andersen to expertly fit your home with the dependable Legacy™ Steel entry door, enhancing both safety and thermal comfort.

Renewal by Andersen Storm Doors

Add a layer of protection for your custom front entry door with a storm door. Renewal by Andersen conducts comprehensive storm door installation, and ProVia offers durable, protective storm doors.

Hickory homeowners choose aluminum storm doors to reinforce the durability of their steel or fiberglass entry doors. ProVia storms doors are the best glass screen doors on the market. With 20% thicker aluminum walls, these doors surpass industry-standard storm doors. Customize the best height, style, glass inserts, and self-storing screens.

Learn more about our storm door installation service when you call Renewal by Andersen in Charlotte today!


The sales experience was positive, it included no pressure. He stuck to the facts of the product. The installation crew called each day before coming, they arrived when they said they would arrive and did exactly what was laid out in the plan and as well as other requests that I made. To date, I have monitored the product in both hot and cold temperatures and found it to meet my expectations based on the sales conversations.

Renewal by Andersen Customer Renewal by Andersen Windows Charlotte

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Proudly Serving Hickory, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

Embarking on a window replacement journey with Renewal by Andersen means stepping into a streamlined and stress-free process. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation and culminating in expert installation, every phase is meticulously planned to ensure your utmost convenience. Our dedicated professionals are always on hand to assist, ensuring that the transformation of your home is executed with precision and without unnecessary delays.

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Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Combining the strength of wood with the versatility of thermoplastic polymer, Fibrex® material is designed to last without warping or corroding.
Fibrex® material stands up to harsh weather conditions, from intense sun to freezing temperatures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
Fibrex® material doesn’t rot, decay, or become infested with termites.
The material retains its color longer than standard vinyl, reducing the need for frequent repainting.

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Call Renewal by Andersen in Charlotte to schedule your in-home consultation today. Our professionals are committed to simplifying every step of the process, so you can enjoy your new home improvement sooner than you think. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free, 4-step process.

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