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Renewal by Andersen Door Solutions in Huntersville

Discover the ultimate door replacement experience with Renewal by Andersen in Huntersville, North Carolina. We provide door styles that complement the distinct style and functionality preferences of the Charlotte area. Call our local office today to begin your door installation project with a free design consultation.

About Huntersville, NC

In the charming town of Huntersville, near Charlotte, homeowners take pride in their properties, showcasing a blend of traditional Southern architecture and modern designs. At Renewal by Andersen, we understand the importance of maintaining the character and integrity of each Huntersville home. We deliver full-service door installations that upgrade your home’s look and function for years to come.


Patio Doors in Huntersville

With professional installation services, Renewal by Andersen offers a selection of patio doors designed to complement the architectural styles found in Huntersville. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of hinged patio doors or the modern convenience of sliding patio doors, we have door styles to complement every preference. Our patio doors are not only about enhancing the look of your home; they also offer practical benefits like improved energy efficiency, security, and durability. Explore Renewal by Andersen patio doors today!

Sliding Glass Patio Door

Our contemporary sliding glass patio doors merge style with functionality, featuring sleek designs and expansive glass areas for unobstructed views. Ideal for Huntersville homes where space is limited, these doors provide effortless operation and are a stylish addition to any room.

French Sliding Patio Door

The French sliding patio doors offer the timeless beauty of French doors combined with the space-saving benefits of a sliding system. These doors are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your Huntersville home, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

French Hinged Patio Door

Our French hinged patio doors are all about classic elegance. These hinged patio doors can open your living space to the outdoors, creating a smooth transition and bringing natural light into your home. These French doors add a traditional yet functional element to Huntersville homes.

Security and Energy Efficiency

Our featured video highlights the advanced locking systems of our patio doors that enhance security and energy efficiency. Discover how our patio doors can add value to your Huntersville home. Schedule a free design consultation today to explore the possibilities.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

Engage with our experts to personalize the ideal doors for your Huntersville home to meet your style and functional needs.

Project Planning

Experience careful planning and precision, as our manufacturing team confirms that every detail is perfect, from measurement to custom design.


Our Certified Master Installers provide a professional door replacement experience with our streamlined process.

Customer Care

Benefit from our comprehensive customer care, providing support and answers to any questions post-installation.

Entry Doors

In collaboration with ProVia, Renewal by Andersen brings durable and stylish entry doors to Huntersville. While ProVia excels in manufacturing, our focus at Renewal by Andersen is on providing professional installation services, ensuring each door fits perfectly and enhances your home’s security and appearance. Explore the steel entry doors available with Renewal by Andersen in Huntersville.

Signet Fiberglass

For homeowners who desire a blend of strength and aesthetic appeal, the Signet® Fiberglass entry doors, in partnership with ProVia, are an ideal choice. These doors masterfully merge the resilience of fiberglass with the rich allure of wood, thanks to ProVia’s cutting-edge MasterGrain® Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) technique. Enhanced with protective elements, the Signet® Fiberglass doors resist common issues like dents, splits, and warping, promising enduring excellence. The door’s riser, decorated with a protective metallic finish, elevates its overall elegance.

Embarq Fiberglass

For those in Huntersville who prioritize energy conservation, the Embarq® Fiberglass entry doors by ProVia stand out. Designed to be the pinnacle of energy efficiency, these doors come with a specialized glass package that insulates any windowed sections, promoting reduced energy use. The distinct feature of Embarq® Fiberglass doors is their enhanced thickness, meticulously shaped by expert craftsmen, ensuring superior insulation and longevity. Choosing Embarq® Fiberglass doors from Renewal by Andersen and ProVia translates to unmatched energy efficiency and consistent energy savings over time.

Heritage Fiberglass

For homeowners with historic properties, the Heritage™ Fiberglass series by ProVia offers an apt solution. This range beautifully fuses the timeless grace of hardwood with the enduring nature of fiberglass, crafting a door that mirrors the genuine appearance of wood. The Heritage™ Fiberglass entry door outperforms actual hardwood doors in terms of durability and sustained performance, all while retaining its strength. With these doors, you can uphold the ageless elegance of your vintage home without the usual upkeep challenges.

Legacy Steel

Legacy™ Steel entry doors by Renewal by Andersen combine additional security and aesthetic versatility for Huntersville homes. Constructed with high-quality steel, these doors offer unmatched strength, making them one of the most secure options available. These steel entry doors are designed to resist weathering and wear for long-lasting durability. The Legacy™ Steel series comes in a variety of finishes and styles, allowing homeowners to choose a door that not only reinforces security but also curb appeal.

Concord Storm Doors from Renewal by Andersen

ProVia storm doors are engineered to provide Huntersville homes with an extra layer of protection against the elements. These doors are built to withstand the varying weather conditions of North Carolina, offering both durability and functionality without compromising on style. With Renewal by Andersen installation services, your storm doors will bring long-term value for years to come. Explore our available styles today!

Deluxe™ Storm Doors
Deluxe™ storm doors are known for their craftsmanship and versatility. They feature sturdy construction with customizable options like retractable screens and various glass designs. Ideal for enhancing natural light and visibility, Deluxe™ storm doors also offer improved ventilation and energy efficiency, making them a perfect addition to any Huntersville home.

Spectrum™ Storm Doors
Spectrum™ storm doors stand out with the retractable screen system. This feature allows for easy transition between a full glass panel and a screen, offering the flexibility to enjoy a clear view or increased airflow as needed. These doors are perfect for adapting to the seasonal changes in Huntersville, providing functionality and convenience in one elegant package.

Decorator™ Storm Doors
Decorator™ storm doors add a touch of elegance to any entryway. These doors come with various decorative glass options, allowing for personalization to suit your style. While they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, Decorator™ storm doors do not compromise on the protective qualities and functionality of a standard storm door.

Duraguard™ Storm Doors
Duraguard™ storm doors are designed for homes requiring added durability and security. These doors feature robust screens that resist damage and scratches, making them ideal for households with pets or high-traffic entrances. Duraguard™ storm doors are a practical choice for homeowners in Huntersville who prioritize both safety and longevity.

Superview™ Storm Doors
Superview™ storm doors are tailored for those who seek simplicity and clarity. Offering maximum visibility and durability, these doors provide a minimalist yet effective solution. The design focuses on providing protection and unobstructed views for homeowners in Huntersville.

Customer Testimonials

The sales experience was positive, it included no pressure. He stuck to the facts of the product. The installation crew called each day before coming, they arrived when they said they would arrive and did exactly what was laid out in the plan and as well as other requests that I made. To date, I have monitored the product in both hot and cold temperatures and found it to meet my expectations based on the sales conversations.

Renewal by Andersen Customer Renewal by Andersen Windows Charlotte

My wife is amazed at the difference. With the storm windows gone, the house looks completely different. I will never have to glaze windows again. We love the ease of opening the windows. Easy process, very professional and the windows are beautiful!

Renewal by Andersen Customer Renewal by Andersen Windows Charlotte

Overall, a very good experience in working with these professionals. We had one minor hick-up, mainly a communication misunderstanding, and the renewal team quickly took pro-active action to address and solve it. Very friendly crew, with great attitudes made the project easy to deal with as a homeowner. They went out of their way to make sure we were very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend!

Renewal by Andersen Customer Renewal by Andersen Windows Charlotte

Proudly Serving Huntersville and the Surrounding Areas

Renewal by Andersen serves the Huntersville, Caldwell, Hopewell, and surrounding Charlotte areas by providing professional door replacement services. Our team of experts offers a hands-on approach to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients. We understand that every home has unique requirements, and that’s why we provide custom door styles that are tailored to your specific needs. Our professional installation services guarantee that your new doors will be installed correctly for long-lasting performance and satisfaction. If you’re ready to upgrade your doors, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us. Contact us today and experience the Renewal by Andersen difference.

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