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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement near Mooresville, NC

Discover professional window replacement services in Mooresville, NC with Renewal by Andersen. We deliver style, efficiency, and long-lasting performance with custom-designed windows for Mooresville homes. Contact us today and schedule your free design consultation.

About Mooresville, NC

In a town known for its racing culture and rich automotive history, aesthetic appeal is key. Renewal by Andersen offers a wide range of customizable window and door options to fit any home style in Mooresville, from traditional to modern. Whether enhancing a lakefront property with expansive picture windows or updating a historic downtown home, our products are designed to increase curb appeal and complement the unique character of each residence.

Renewal by Andersen’s professional installation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of Mooresville residents. Our local experts understand the architectural styles and building regulations unique to the area, ensuring a precise and efficient installation process. This local knowledge, combined with our commitment to excellence, ensures that every project is completed with minimal disruption to homeowners.

Choosing Renewal by Andersen in Mooresville means more than just upgrading windows and doors. For Mooresville residents, this means living in a space that not only stands up to the local climate but also supports their lifestyle, whether they’re relaxing by Lake Norman or enjoying the vibrant local scene.


Window Styles for Mooresville Homes

Every home in Mooresville is a testament to individuality, and our expansive window range caters to this diversity. Designed for the long haul, our windows are not just about aesthetics; they prioritize energy conservation, durability, and ease of use.

Awning Windows

Perfectly designed for unpredictable weather, awning windows are hinged at the top, opening outward. This design ensures you can enjoy the fresh Mooresville air, even during those light rain showers. The unique functionality combined with stylish appearance makes them a popular choice for bedrooms and other areas where you want controlled ventilation.

Bay & Bow Windows

Add a touch of luxury to your Mooresville home with these windows. Extending outward from the home, bay and bow windows not only provide an additional indoor space, often used for seating or storage but also grant panoramic views of the surroundings. The curved or angled design, paired with the expansive glass, adds both space and elegance to any room.

Casement Windows

Simplicity meets functionality with casement windows. These windows, hinged at the side, swing outward, operated easily with a turn of a handle. Offering unobstructed views, they’re perfect for capturing the Mooresville breeze, making them ideal for areas where maximum ventilation is a must.

Sliding Windows

Ideal for spaces where an outward opening window isn’t possible, sliding windows operate horizontally, gliding smoothly on their tracks. The wide design ensures maximum viewing space, allowing Mooresville’s beauty to be your daily backdrop. Easy operation paired with a sleek design makes them a favorite for many homes.

Double Hung Windows

A timeless choice for Mooresville homeowners, double-hung windows feature two sashes that slide vertically, providing efficient ventilation options. With their classic design and operational versatility, they effortlessly complement both traditional and modern home designs.

Picture Windows

Let the beauty of Mooresville shine through with picture windows. These fixed windows serve as a living portrait, capturing the picturesque landscapes outside. Not only do they offer expansive views, but their large glass area also ensures rooms are bathed in natural light.

Specialty Windows

Every home has its unique charm and character, and sometimes, standard windows just won’t do. For those spaces that require a touch of creativity or unconventional dimensions, our specialty windows come into play. Whether it’s a circular window for a particular nook or a geometric design for a stairwell, Renewal by Andersen meets all your custom window needs in Mooresville.

Our Full-Service Process

Design Consultation

For those who appreciate timeless charm, our hinged French doors are a perfect match. Opening outward or inward based on your preference, they offer an unobstructed view, easy access, and a classic aesthetic appeal.

Project Planning

With careful attention to detail, we measure the dimensions required for your custom windows. This phase ensures precise manufacturing to achieve the perfect fit.


Renewal by Andersen’s Certified Master Installers work diligently, ensuring each window is securely placed, leveled, and functions seamlessly.

Customer Care

Even post-installation, our dedication remains unwavering. Our team is always available to address any questions, ensuring homeowners in Mooresville enjoy peace of mind with their new windows.

Professional Installation

Choosing us means entrusting your home to decades of expertise. Our meticulous design consultation ensures a window solution tailored to your Mooresville residence. From crafting to installation, every step is calibrated for precision and customer satisfaction. Post-installation, our dedicated customer care is at your service, addressing any concerns and ensuring your windows perform flawlessly.

Renewal by Andersen's Exclusive Fibrex® Material

Energy-efficient and requiring minimal upkeep, Fibrex® material retains stability across all climates, offering Mooresville homeowners a solution that’s both long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material is 2 times stronger than vinyl
Fibrex® material insulates 700 times better than aluminum
Fibrex® material reduces VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions because no wood preservative treatments or painting is required
Fibrex® material retains its stability and rigidity in all climates

Customer Testimonials

The sales experience was positive, it included no pressure. He stuck to the facts of the product. The installation crew called each day before coming, they arrived when they said they would arrive and did exactly what was laid out in the plan and as well as other requests that I made. To date, I have monitored the product in both hot and cold temperatures and found it to meet my expectations based on the sales conversations.

Renewal by Andersen Customer

My wife is amazed at the difference. With the storm windows gone, the house looks completely different. I will never have to glaze windows again. We love the ease of opening the windows. Easy process, very professional and the windows are beautiful!

Renewal by Andersen Customer

Overall, a very good experience in working with these professionals. We had one minor hick-up, mainly a communication misunderstanding, and the renewal team quickly took pro-active action to address and solve it. Very friendly crew, with great attitudes made the project easy to deal with as a homeowner. They went out of their way to make sure we were very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend!

Renewal by Andersen Customer

Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement Available in Mooresville, NC

Renewal by Andersen’s commitment to service in every window replacement task we perform. Dedicated to serving Mooresville and its nearby regions, our window designs, functions, and resilience. Recognizing the intricacies of window replacement, we’ve designed our process for a comprehensive, stress-free experience. For transformative home upgrades, schedule a free consultation or touch base with our Charlotte office today.

We proudly serve Bells Crossroads, Cornelius, Mayhew, and surrounding Mooresville areas.

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